Thursday, October 21, 2010


Order by October 31.

Great Stoneware pieces from $25-$35 for $9.75
The stoneware comes with a one year warranty & is oven,
microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Contact me to order!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shoe Watch!

So last weekend while visiting the fam back at home, my mom, little sister, and I went shopping. It was a super fun day, and made even sweeter that mom spoiled me a little :).

Anywho, while at Macy's my mom pointed out these Jessica Simpson shoes. At first I did not like them at all, but I've found myself thinking about them quite a bit. They're growing on me and I'm thinking I need these....soon!

Jessica Simpson - Santino

Here's a view of the detail - the eyelet closures intrigue me :)
Anywho, they're $90 shoes - I believe Macys have them for $80ish
but on my fav website ( you can find them for $55

-Enjoi  :0)

First Order of Business in Rome: Attack a Gellateria

So I can't decided whether we're flying out on Thursday or Friday. If we fly out Thursday, we'll hopefully arrive Friday morning giving us an extra day to see all the sights we want to see. I really want to do this but Rome is expensive, so we have some deciding to do! 


Anywho, once I step off the airplane I plan to get myself to the nearest gelato stand I can find :) we may travel inland to the ancient city first to dump our gear but be assured that gelato will be on my mind the whole time!

I've learned some fun and useful things about Gelato and I thought it would even more fun to share!

~ A gelato stand/store is referred to a Gellateria ~

If you want the true Italian authentic Gelato look for words such as:

Produzione Propria (Homemade or our own production)
Nostra Produzione (Our production)
Produzione Artigianale (Production by craftsmen)
Fatta in casa (Made in-house)

~ Also look for gelato in metal containers. Gelato stored in plastic containers is a sign of mass production
~ The color should also look muted and natural. Bright colors mean the gelato was made from a mix. A TIP I read is to check the banana gelato - if it is a bright yellow color find another gelateria!

 ~ You can order gelato in a cone (cono) or a cup (coppa).
~ Toppings are usually extra - and be careful with ordering those toppings, it gets expensive fast!

~ It is also customary to order your gelato and walk around with it. If you wish to sit, you will have to pay more - these prices are usually posted.

~ Gelato is more expensive in Northern Italy

Common Gelato Flavors
Nocciola (noht-CHOH-la) - Hazelnut
Cioccolato (chok-ko-LAH-toh) - Chocolate
Caffe (kahf-FEH) - Coffee
Limone (lee-MOH-neh) - Lemon
Fragola (FRAH-goh-lah) - Strawberry
Melone (meh-LOH-neh) - Melon (Cantaloupe)
Straciatella (stra-chee-ah-TELL-ah) - Chocolate Chip

Yum! Enjoi!

Hello Again!

Here's where I'd give a wonderfully crafted excuse to explain my neglect on my blog, but I'm sure anything that I could come up with, probably already has been we'll skip the preliminary "I'm so lazy, I'm so busy...all the above" statements.

So much is new right now I can't hardly contain myself :).

First things first, I have 1 and a 1/2 more classes and I'm done with my BBA in Accountancy - Woohoo!

Second, four weeks ago we booked our cruise! Finally! I'm so excited, I've already got half of my outfits planned for the first part of that week :). This trip is our one and a half years late honeymoon. I'm sure if you look back at my archives, you'll be able to find when I was first planning our hm but we found it very hard to buy a house, pay for an awesome wedding, pay some unexpected medical bills, go back to school, and pay for a perfect honeymoon.

But anywho...long story short, it's booked, we're actually going, and it's 8 months and 2 weeks away! Whoop Whoop! And wonderful blog readers as you are, you get to go along for the planning ride and ultimately the recap ride :).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

...Remember when?

Awhile back I mentioned that I was on the lookout for "a tall glass of green croc heels?"

This is the number one reason why I {heart}


J. Renee Candice pumps
in Green Croc
Purchased for $19.95 - Originally $75

These went incredibly fast, when I put them in my shopping bag, there were 3 left in my size and by the time I was checking out - I was buying the last one!

I get them tomorrow and I think that their debut will be scheduled for St. Patty's Day.


Anyone throwing a baby shower anytime soon?

Like alot of women folk, I too am obsessed with {it's amazing}. Well while doing my morning looking {not shopping I swear!} I came across the cutest, most adorable chocolate lollipops EVER.

See what I mean?
Almost makes me want to throw a shower for someone! Anyone?

Have a good day!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Consider yourself invited! some really great sample sale websites. The sales differ by designer and typically last from 1 day to 3 days or so, but they can get up to 80% off; which is awesome because it takes a super expensive designer piece and brings the price down to regular people prices :).

Examples: $150 Nine West Trench for $49 {sale ends Wed 03.10}, $60 fashion tees for $20-$25, $80 blouses for $25-$30, $200 jeans for $45{!}...etc. Shoes, purses, name it.